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Adult Life Programs, Inc. is a program in Clay County, Moorhead Minnesota. With its opening in June 2008, Adult Life Programs aims to provide a refuge to the aging population. With an abundance of services, activities, and community opportunities, Adult Life Programs offers many ways to get involved and enjoy life.


We offer many basic and extended services that promote health and well-being. Some of these services include a tub room, Health mate sauna for stress reduction, massage chair, and hair salon.


There are many activities to get involved with at the facility. Whether you would like to read a book near the fireplace, listen to current events,or participate in B-I-N-G-O to win prizes, there’s sure to be something that will meet your interests.


The location of the facility allows for a wide range of community opportunities. How about a visit to one of the local malls to have lunch? Maybe you’d rather go out and play a game at the billiards pool hall, swim, or see the stars come alive at a nearby planetarium. With so many choices your  problem won’t be finding something you like, rather  deciding what to do.

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01 July


Adult Life Programs Community & In-House Activities – July 2019

Check out our Community Outings and In-House Activities for this month!    

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2600 16th Ave South, Suite B
Moorhead, MN 56560


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Lisa Jorissen - Executive Director

Education: Bachelor of Social Work from Minnesota State University of Moorhead.  Licensed by the State of North Dakota, L.S.W.

Experience: I have worked with Adult Life Programs and Heartland since 2007 and with PCA services since 2004.  I also have experience in residential settings for two years working as a direct care staff and still work with PCA services.  I am focusing my attention at Adult Life Programs and Heartland Industries as the Executive Director, however love working with two separate but distinct companies that offer Consumers so much each and every day. I want to grow as a company and I want relationships between agencies to be smooth and effortless.  I want to be transparent and open so we can have a successful relationship for all to share at our day program. 

What You Like most About Your Job:
  Is the ability to put a smile on someone’s face and change their day for the better.  I want to be contagious and optimistic as the Consumers I work for have changed my life forever!!  Each and every day I come to work, I see Consumers smile and appreciate life for the small things.  They make each day unique and worthwhile.  I feel that I am making a difference in the community and in each Consumers life in a small, but vital way.  This is why I love my job and continue to work for individuals that need assistance reaching their goals in life!