03 October


ALP visits Minnesota State University-Moorhead’s Planetarium

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On June 14th, we went to the Minnesota State University Planetarium. At the Planetarium they had a full dome digital system where they can orbit the planets, zoom-in on interesting features and even visit the moon. They also had reclining chairs to relax and enjoy the excitement! They played a very informative video about all the Planets. It was fun and the interacting video described all the planets and showed us what they looked like up close. The consumers really seemed to ENJOY themselves. During the video most of the consumers were smiling and very wide eyed with excitement! When we got back from the outing the consumers stated how much fun they had and how they would all want to go  back. One of the consumers even recited all the  names of the planets and what color they were.  

What a FUN day we had!

Molly Anderson – Program Assistant