Business Solutions

Heartland Industries, a Day Training and Habilitation program for individuals with developmental disabilities, began services in Moorhead on June 17, 1996. Our campus is located in the industrial park in Moorhead.  From our site, we are able to assess client needs and teach them work skills that will enhance future employment opportunities. We prepare each person for community-based, competitive employment.  Our trained Job Coaches continually supervise and direct each client while they work.

Heartland Solutions

Businesses that have partnered with Heartland Industries have seen many benefits from the partnership. Heartland Industries can provide a unique labor cost savings for your business, by reducing the cost of recruiting, training and hiring new employees.

  • Your company will provide individuals with disabilities the satisfaction of meaningful employment.
  • Your company is setting an example of inclusion and providing leadership in the community.
  • Heartland Industries will always have trained staff at your site. We will not miss a day of work.
  • Our work schedules can be flexible, depending on your needs and client availability.
  • The cost to employ Heartland clients includes all state and federal taxes and Social Security.
  • Heartland has insurance and worker’s compensation policies to cover clients and staff who work in the community.
  • We also provide our own quality assurance checks to make sure the job is being finished and meets your exact expectations.

We are grateful for the potential opportunity to partner with your company in a mutually beneficial way. Our goal is to provide your organization with affordable, reliable employees, while giving our clients an opportunity to develop work skills in unique community work settings. Heartland Industries has a workforce ready and willing to solve your biggest labor challenges. Call us today!

Employment Preparedness

The clients we serve at Heartland Industries are provided the following opportunities to develop skills:

  • Employment training while doing real work
  • Training and understanding of the workday, breaks, and respect for others
  • Feedback on job performance
  • Pay for work completed while learning work skills

In-house Employment

Our clients are given a variety of meaningful work opportunities during the day.  Some choose to work at the agency and train in areas that prepare them to find competitive employment in the community.   Heartland clients are provided the following in-house opportunities:

  • Document destruction—shredding and recycling
  • Rug-making
  • Quilting
  • Janitorial/custodial pre-vocational training