Sick of always being short-staffed?
Tired of No-Show, No-Calls?
Do you worry about jobs that aren’t getting done because current
employees are swamped with their daily tasks?
Heartland Industries is seeking business owners and hiring managers who are ready to hire reliable and dependable employees who sincerely love to work!
Heartland Industries has a workforce ready and willing to solve your biggest labor challenges and save you money on labor expense.

Information for Employers

How does Heartland Industries, Inc. meet customer needs?
We will meet with you to identify your employment needs, find qualified workers from Heartland Industries, Inc. transport them to your business and then assist with training. If long-term supports are necessary, Heartland Industries, Inc. will provide your business and new workers with a job coach at no extra cost to you. In addition, we can do project work for your business at our site no matter where you are located.

Where can Heartland Industries, Inc. work for my business?
Heartland Industries, Inc. can transport workers to your business in our service area.

What kinds of jobs can workers from Heartland Industries, Inc. do?
Workers from Heartland Industries, Inc. can do a variety of tasks. We excel in assembly and packaging; clerical and filing; housekeeping and laundry; food service, delivery and preparation; and janitorial and dishwashing, manufacturing and production.

When can Heartland Industries, Inc. work for my business?
Heartland Industries, Inc. can provide your business with workers between the hours of 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Special arrangements can be made to accommodate your business if necessary for evenings and weekends. We will tailor services to meet your needs.

How do I pay workers from Heartland Industries, Inc?
There are two ways to pay a worker from Heartland Industries Inc.:
1) You can place the worker on your payroll (preferred route)
2) Heartland Industries, Inc. can bill you for the work done and then pay our clients (an administrative fee of 15% is added to cover worker’s compensation and payroll processing).

What if I need help with a short-term or seasonal project at my site?
With a week of lead-time, some Heartland Industries, Inc. employees are able to work on a short-term basis, or as long as a project lasts – depending on the turn-around time of the work and its complexity.

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