Case Managers

Heartland Industries was developed when Regional Treatment Centers across Minnesota began discharging consumers back to their county of responsibility. Consumers became closer to their families and had the opportunity to live and work in the community they were born in. Heartland Industries is a nonprofit organization that supports people in pursuing their dreams. We are dedicated to making choices happen!

Heartland Industries provides employment options tailored to meet the needs of the consumers as much as possible. We strive to have Community based employment opportunities for all people we serve.

Our services for consumers extend from non verbal, non ambulatory, those with very complex medical needs, who need a realm of service throughout the day, which may include but not be limited to, personal cares, therapy and work options, to those with additional abilities, who may be ambulatory, verbal, and semi-independent and/or independent in work skills.

We are equipped to serve people with small to very complex behavioral needs providing a realm of programmatic services throughout the day.

We are able to serve people with Developmental disabilities, Traumatic Brain injury, Serious and persistent mental illness and any other related condition.

We primarily serve Adults but can serve minors with an approved variance from the Department of Human Services.

To arrange services with Heartland Industries, consumers must be eligible to receive case management from their County’s disability services division. The case manager makes a referral and an application is completed. Upon acceptance by Heartland Industries, the case manager authorizes funding for the support services.

Services at Heartland Industries can be financed through a number of funding streams. Common funding sources include the Developmental Disabilities, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Community Alternatives for Disabled Individuals waiver programs, Medical Assistance, county CSSA funds and Consumer Directed Community Supports.

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