03 October


Mosaic Art Work

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I wanted a fun and different craft project to try with our consumers. I recently went to an art class and learned a few different methods I wanted to try. One method was to use a wood base to glue buttons, beads, and mirror material that would be covered with grout and polished to shine. It’s a three step process that turns out very nicely and can be completed with any skill level. On 6.6.12 we used wood blocks that had had wire to hold pictures or art work. The first day we applied the tile adhesive and or glue if you wanted to apply the various pieces to the wood. They took time to put the various pieces exactly where they wanted them. It was a fun project that the consumers and staff enjoyed very much! On 6.8.12 we finished the first project by applying the second step which was grout. This is the fun stage as everyone put on gloves and wiped the grout all over their projects. The third and final step was to polish and wipe off the excess grout to finish their master mosaic art work project!
~Lisa Piche —Operations Director