The values at Heartland are as unique as the people we serve.   We provide respectful services that are always dignified, age appropriate and enhancing while treating everyone as an individual. 

Employment should be an option for any person interested in working regardless of label, support need or functioning level.  At Heartland we strive to provide opportunities based on personal interests. preferences, skills, aptitudes and life goals. At all times, the individual receiving support is the central force in the development process.  

We provide information to help guide career support, rather than focusing on limitations which exclude people from possibilities.  Efforts to provide integrated life service support are made.  Individuals have consistent service and community opportunities, which connect their work, home, social and recreational needs. Services are designed to support persons in a community setting while building friendships as well as working relationships.   

Services of Heartland Industries


  • In House — Center-based employment with emphasis on developing work skills needed to become employed in community settings. 
  • Mobile Work Crews — Community employment under the direct supervision of Heartland Industries staff.
  • Individual Supported Employment— Individual community employment with supervision provided by their employer and job coaching provided as needed by Heartland Industries. 
  • Job Placement — Placement services for individuals seeking an individual job in the community either as advancement from crew or organizational employment or as an initial service with Heartland Industries. Includes: job seeking skills development, job coaching and job retention support.
  • Day Training and Habilitation (DT&H) — Supervised work experience (both center-based and crew employment) for individuals with developmental disabilities.
  • Prevocational Services— Services designed to prepare an individual for paid or unpaid employment with a focus on attendance, communication, personal hygiene, problem solving, safety, and task completion. Provided in conjunction with DT&H.

Assessment Training

  • School Transition Services — Coordinated work/school program. 
  • Employment Planning Services—A service designed to help an individual learn about employment opportunities and explore some of those jobs through situational assessments such as job tryouts, paid work trials, and volunteer experiences.
  • Employee Development Services  — Individualized services that assist persons to develop or re-establish skills, attitudes, work behavior, etc. in order to achieve positive employment outcomes.